Mindful Monday #1

7 years ago when my daughter, Brynn was born and all of her diagnoses started pouring in and "experts" told of worse-case scenarios, I would sit up at night terrified of what her future would look like. I would often turn to thoughts of my older son, Aaron. For 3 years, he had been my only child, he made me a Mom, every "first" of parenting I experienced with him. I was so excited to give him a sibling, but now that she was here, I felt only worry and guilt.

I worried that he would resent her. I worried he would resent us for how much time her care would take. I worried it would impact his life and future relationships - that he would have to take care of her after we were gone.

What an incredible lesson that was in wasting time and emotional energy projecting a future I couldn't possibly have seen. We all know now, I could NOT have been more wrong. The love and compassion Aaron shows for his sister is unparalleled. He has literally never shown any jealousy over the attention or time that she requires, he never resents her disability. In reality, if anyone needs taking care of, it will be Brynn keeping Aaron organized and on time.

They say our children become our greatest Teachers. Seeing them hop in the yoga swing and snuggle this morning while they waited for us adults to get our acts together, really drove that home today.

Happy Monday everyone, enjoy and experience the present moment with every fiber of your being today. The past moment is already gone and the future is none of our business to worry about 😍

Yoga Swing Snuggles.jpg