My Story


From my time as a Special Education Mentor Teacher to CranioFascial Practitioner to Medicinal Herb Alchemist, my purpose has been to find simple ways to help people work toward their very best selves.

Then, the tables turned on me and it would end up being my greatest learning opportunity. One day, I realized that I was becoming the analogy of the boiled frog. Have you ever heard that one? If you put a frog in water and raise the temperature only one degree at a time, the frog won’t know it is boiling until it is too late. I didn’t realize I was slowly losing my quality of life until I woke up one day and realized that I was exhausted. 

My first struggle was realizing that I truly needed to prioritize myself and ask for help. Once I did, I started to learn all about gut health, blood sugar, inflammation, gentle detox - how all aspects of our health work together for us or work against us. As people began to see me come back to life, they began to share their struggles. I suddenly became aware that I was not alone. So many people are suffering in silence; thinking that pain and exhaustion is the best life has to offer. Now, I am on a mission to convince burnt-out, exhausted and fatigued people that they DESERVE to feel better - to get their groove back. 

If you can relate to my story and are looking to make a change, I would love to connect with you.